Securing Client Onboarding with Idenfo’s Name Screening Solution
  • Background

    John, a seasoned banker, was facing a challenging situation while onboarding a new client at a prominent bank. The client, an international business owner, sought to open multiple accounts and access a range of financial services. However, John and his team faced significant obstacles due to the complex nature of the client’s business operations and the stringent risk management policies at the bank.
    identities of new clients. With an ever-increasing emphasis on compliance, risk mitigation and fraud prevention, the company recognized the need for a robust solution to streamline and secure the onboarding of new policyholders.

The Challenge

Several key challenges posed a risk to the successful onboarding of the new client

High-Risk Business Operations

The client’s business spanned multiple countries and industries, including some regions known for their higher risk of financial crime and money laundering activities. This raised concerns about the client’s exposure to potential risks.

Regulatory Compliance

Due to the bank’s rigorous regulatory compliance standards in place to prevent money laundering and ensure KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance. Failing to meet these standards could result in severe penalties and reputational damage.

Identity Verification

Given the international nature of the client’s business, verifying the identities of the client and their associates presented a significant challenge. Ensuring that they were not politically exposed persons (PEPs) or associated with adverse media added complexity to the onboarding process.

Enhanced Due Diligence

 Due to the client’s high-risk profile, enhanced due diligence (EDD) was required to gather more information about the client’s business and financial activities. This was a time-consuming and resource-intensive process.

The Solution

Recognizing the need for a robust solution, John turned to Idenfo for assistance. Idenfo offered a comprehensive name screening solution as part of its suite of services. This solution included the following components:

  1. Advanced Name Screening: Idenfo’s name screening platform incorporated cutting-edge technology that allowed for real-time screening of names against global watchlists, sanctions lists, PEP databases and adverse media sources.
  1. Compliance Automation: The platform streamlined the compliance process by automating name screening and generating comprehensive reports. This allowed John and his team to focus their efforts on client interactions and due diligence rather than manual data entry.
  2. Risk Assessment: Idenfo provided a risk assessment score for each screened entity, enabling John and his team to prioritise their efforts and allocate resources effectively.
  3. Enhanced Due Diligence: The platform facilitated the collection of additional due diligence information, ensuring that EDD requirements were met efficiently.

The Implementation

The integration of Idenfo’s name screening solution into the bank’s client onboarding process was seamless. John and his team received training on the platform, allowing them to utilize its capabilities effectively. With minimal disruption, the bank transitioned to the new system, ready to address the challenges posed by the high-risk client.

The Results

The implementation of Idenfo's name screening solution yielded significant benefits:

Enhanced Risk Management

The name screening solution enabled the bank to identify high-risk individuals and entities associated with the client's business. This allowed the bank to implement appropriate risk mitigation measures.

Regulatory Compliance

The automated compliance checks ensured that the bank remained fully compliant with regulatory requirements. This mitigated the risk of regulatory penalties and protected the bank's reputation.

Time and Resource Savings

The automation of name screening and compliance processes resulted in substantial time and resource savings. John and his team could allocate their efforts more effectively, improving overall operational efficiency.

Confidence in Onboarding

With the assurance that thorough due diligence had been conducted, John and his team confidently onboarded the high-risk client. This strengthened the bank's client relationships and expanded its portfolio.


By leveraging Idenfo’s name screening solution this bank was successfully able to navigate the challenges posed by a high-risk client’s onboarding process. The platform’s advanced technology, automation and risk assessment capabilities ensured that regulatory compliance was maintained, risks were mitigated and resources were utilised efficiently. With Idenfo’s support, John continued to serve clients securely and maintain the bank’s commitment to regulatory compliance and risk management.

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