Transforming Client Onboarding for an Insurance Company with Idenfo Direct
  • Background


    A top insurance company faced a growing challenge in its client onboarding process. As the company expanded its reach and diversified its product offerings, it encountered hurdles in efficiently verifying the identities of new clients. With an ever-increasing emphasis on compliance, risk mitigation and fraud prevention, the company recognized the need for a robust solution to streamline and secure the onboarding of new policyholders.

The Challenge

The company was grappling with several critical issues in its client onboarding process:

Manual Verification

The existing system relied heavily on manual verification of identity documents, leading to slow and error-prone processes. This not only delayed policy issuance but also increased the risk of human errors and fraud.

Compliance Concerns

As regulatory requirements became more stringent, the company faced the daunting task of ensuring full compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) regulations. Non-compliance could result in severe penalties and reputation damage.

Identity Theft

The insurance industry is an attractive target for identity thieves and fraudsters. Which is why the company needed a solution that could effectively detect and prevent identity theft and fraudulent claims.

Customer Experience

Lengthy verification processes were frustrating potential clients. Many potential policyholders abandoned their applications due to the time-consuming and cumbersome onboarding experience. 

The Solution

The company recognized that a digital transformation of its client onboarding process was essential to address these challenges effectively. After extensive research and evaluation, the company turned to Idenfo Direct for a comprehensive solution.

Idenfo Direct offered the following key components to revolutionise their client onboarding:

  1. Digital Document Verification:  Idenfo Direct’s advanced technology allowed for quick and accurate verification of identity documents. This eliminated the need for manual data entry and reduced the risk of errors.
  1. Biometric Authentication: Idenfo Direct incorporated biometric authentication methods, such as facial recognition and fingerprint scanning, to ensure the true identity of applicants. This enhanced security and fraud prevention.
  2. AML and KYC Compliance: The platform seamlessly integrated with AML and KYC protocols enabled real-time checks against watchlists, PEPs and adverse media sources. This ensured that the Insurance company remained fully compliant with regulations.
  3. Streamlined User Experience: Idenfo Direct’s user-friendly interface made the onboarding process quick and intuitive for applicants. This not only improved the customer experience but also increased the conversion rate of potential policyholders.

The Implementation

The integration of Idenfo Direct into this insurance company’s client onboarding process was smooth and efficient. Within a short period, Idenfo Direct’s platform was up and running, ready to transform the way this insurance company verified and onboarded clients.

The Results

The impact of implementing Idenfo Direct was profound:

Efficiency Gains

The manual verification process was replaced with a streamlined, automated system. This reduced the time required for onboarding and policy issuance, allowing the company to serve clients faster and more efficiently.

Enhanced Compliance

The manual verification process was replaced with a streamlined, automated system. This reduced the time required for onboarding and policy issuance, allowing the company to serve clients faster and more efficiently.

Fraud Prevention

Idenfo Direct's advanced fraud detection capabilities reduced the risk of identity theft and fraudulent claims. The company saw a significant drop in fraudulent applications and claims.

Improved Customer Experience

The user-friendly interface and swift onboarding process led to higher customer satisfaction. More applicants completed the onboarding process, resulting in increased policyholder numbers.


The partnership with Idenfo Direct transformed the insurer’s client onboarding process from a cumbersome, time-consuming task into a swift and secure experience. By embracing digital verification and biometric authentication, this Insurance company not only achieved operational efficiencies but also strengthened its compliance efforts and enhanced fraud prevention. The company then went on to confidently expand its client base, knowing that it has the tools in place to serve clients securely and efficiently.

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